February is my sixth month of not being a journalist. Instead, I’m stuck in Norway, looking after old people for 45 hours this week, and now I’m getting ill on top of everything. My throat is so sore that I’m worried it’ll take my head with it and fall off. I can’t afford to stay home from work, so I’m overdosing on hot-lemon-water with honey, vitamin C tablets and caffeine. Since October, I’ve also probably doubled my list of submitted job applications, and I have no choice but to keep adding to it.


I’ve decided that six months is enough. I’ve decided to get well, to apply for even more jobs and to actually get one. Not exactly going to give myself a deadline, as it’d be really crap if I didn’t make it, and would have to announce that on here, too. But I’ve decided that it’s happening soon. Ish.