Something funny happened

I woke up this morning with a plan; bring my book (third one in two weeks!?) to town and overdose on coffee. Good plan. My dad was driving, so he dropped me off and I made my way through the frosty town, to my usual hang-out spot. However, I walked a different way than what I normally do when getting off the bus, and smiled as I passed Burger King. Burger King is where I got my very first job. I was 15 and I hated it. The wages were rubbish, my colleagues fat and time stood still at work. I peeked through the windows of the empty venue, over at the spot where I burnt my hand on boiling hot burger grease, at the tills that were once kicked down by a drunken lunatic, and at the cooking area where I, as the only member of staff, proudly managed to put together a Whopper in less than 60 seconds. I could hear the voice of my old boss cheerfully telling the managers, “Beat them until they get it right, ha ha ha!” as I gave an ugly seagull a dirty look, where it was sitting on the dirty outdoor bin that they made me empty in the mornings. I haven’t exactly felt particularly successful lately, but looking back at the start of my working life, I felt like queen of the fucking world. Keep frying those onion rings, guys.

However, being skint and that, I wanted to cash in the little money I got on a scratch card that I was given for Christmas. I see it as a slightly embarrassing errand, popping into a shop and walking straight to the tills with an old scratch card. I would have camouflaged it with a newspaper or a pack of chewing gum or something, but we all know I can’t afford luxury goods as such. As I passed three shops on the way, I quickly estimated the odds of meeting a familiar face in the last and least appealing shop to be satisfactorily close to zero. Feeling clever and content, I walked up to the tills, got the scratch card out of my bag, passed it across the counter and looked into the eyes of … my ex-manager at flipping Burger King.

What. A. Role. Swap.

He was very pleasant. We both pretended not to recognise each other. I got three new scratch cards instead of cash. I wasted that fiver. Anyhow; you know those situations that have a winner and a loser? Mhm.