Silver linings and such crap

Little (to nothing) has changed since my last entry. There’s no need for updates, and let’s not start reminiscing. It seems the emotion and frustration that I put into the previous post sent me into a month-long blogger’s coma. Or writer’s block if you like. I’d rather that didn’t happen again just yet. Self-inflicted depression is, after all, something I do try to stay clear of. So instead of having another rant, I’ve decided to try take a slightly different approach this evening: Positivity. You know, silver linings and that. Here goes..

When I’m not at work, I get so bored that I almost lose consciousness. There are no friends around to distract me, and my wages are spent clearing debts rather than for having fun. However, I’ve found a way of keeping busy. This is the silver lining of the big, heavy, black, disgusting cloud hanging over my head:


That’s right, Bridget is back. Neither to symbolise spinsterhood, nor monster-sized knickers, but that lovely, sweaty exhaustion and muscle-ache that can only mean one thing: I’ve been working out. It’s been a month, and not only do I feel good, but I can actually see the results. I think I’m pretty much ready for the beach. Give me another month, and I’ll have reached my target weight of super sexy. If it rains all summer, you know who to blame.