Sad Stats

A teacher once told me that the reason we become journalists is that we suck at maths and won’t need it on the job. All we needed to know, she said, is how to calculate percentages. Today, after fiddling around for a bit, my percentage-calculating skills taught me that my job hunting so far has been 0.00% successful. 6.45% of my job applications resulted in interviews. Two, that is. One for a job that I didn’t get, but the second one is scheduled on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

I don’t have words to describe the statistics of my job hunting so far…

Number of job applications: 31

Number of declined job applications: 27

Number of declined applications after interviews: 1

Number of unanswered job applications: 4

Number of unanswered job applications that I think are actually already declined, but without me knowing: 3


Number of scheduled interviews: 1!

My luck WILL turn on Tuesday.