Rubbish and resolutions - Part 2

I’ve only just returned from the dead (better known as working night shifts). I woke up at 2pm, feeling rested, happy, and in the mood for doing some reflective thinking. January is coming to an end, and statistically, nine out of 10 people have admitted defeat and returned to their old nasty habits of 2012. So! I’ve decided it’s time to review my own promises for the new year. Remember them? 

  • Write at least three blog posts a week

I’ve counted, and I did good. Every week, I’ve written three or four posts, and better yet, I’m enjoying it. Ideas are appearing left, right and centre, everything and everyone has turned into inspiration, and people are giving me positive feedback. Thank you!

  • Become a gym junkie

Well. I can’t exactly call myself a gym junkie. But! I’ve exercised, eaten healthy food and lost a kilo. Result.

  • GET A JOB.. and fill my life with bees and honey

(This is where it gets tricky. I sit here and sip my coffee, wondering what to say about this never-ending problem.. Can I be witty about it? Use a bit of humour? Moan about my empty bank account? Nah. There is nothing entertaining about this anymore. Better to be constructive. Focus on the positives, yes?) I’m obviously still very unemployed. However, I have some good news to share. Last night, sometime between the snow starting to fall and the Skype session with Wifey, my motivation returned. It crept in, and brought some inspiration along too. Surprisingly, they were both still there today when I got up, which means I’m ready to rock n roll.

The three of us have become best buds. We just had some scrambled eggs and coffee, and are now getting ready for The Job Application Workshop. Let’s get a job, shall we?

Update you laterz