Rubbish and resolutions

I am RUBBISH at blogging. My excuse, however, is that my unsuccessful hunt for a journo job combined with a hectic, unrewarding waitress job and a shrinking bank account, led to a general lack of motivation and willingness to live. And in the midst of everything, I sort of forgot that I could vent here!

In my opinion, 2012 has been a shittyshitty year. I realise I’m about to reveal how spoiled I am, but I can honestly say that I am not used to having things not go my way. Maybe I’ve spent all my good karma? I just know that I must have pissed someone off, as the world has been against me from, say, April… 

Anyhow. There are five days to go. The world didn’t go under, and Christmas has been surprisingly lovely. Hello, motivation. I feel refreshed, rested and very ambitious (at the moment of writing this), so I’ve made an executive decision of announcing my new year’s resolutions to my worldwide audience on the great, big Internet.. 

  • Write at least three blog posts a week,
  • become a gym junkie, and
  • GET A JOB.. and fill my life with bees and honey. Woho.