Never have I wanted a job as badly as the one that popped up on my screen last night. The Dream Job. I spotted it, gasped and chocked on my hot-lemon-water. Posting date: 03 January 2013. HUH!? How has this little gem of a job vacancy managed to escape me for more than two weeks? I got so worried that the closing date would be today, that I knew I wouldn’t be able to relax until I had sent my application. 

After three hours of writing, editing, erasing, frustration, head scratching, adding, rewriting and proofing (and the go-ahead from Wifey), my covering letter is done. My mac just played the little swoosh, telling me that my email has been sent off into cyberspace and hopefully landed in my future employer’s inbox. PICK ME, PICK ME!

And no, I’m not revealing anymore information about which job this is. I’m confusing the enemy (and possible competitors).