Pay day gone bad

Despite an awful hangover, which had me crawling backwards out of bed and stagger, with shaky legs, down the stairs, I knew that today’s going to be a good day. Half blind without contacts, I determinedly fumbled my way to my misplaced iPhone to ring the little robot man who tells me my account balance. Finally, the lovely lump sum that I’ve worked so hard for since mid-December would land in my bank account. 

Ohh the anticipation as I waited for the little robot man to tell me that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Followed by utter disappointment. My balance was much smaller than it was meant to be. Who’s to blame? Dam dam daaa. My stupid self. People, learn from my mistake; double check your tax scheme.

Anyways, I’m over it, (I’m really not), and would rather like to talk about the previously mentioned hangover, caused by quite an adventurous Monday night (Tuesday morning) out in Stavanger. I’m still working on digesting the (vague) memories, but will post updates later.