New Kid In Town

So I’m joining the blogosphere after all. After giving it a half-hearted go a couple of times during my studies, I’ve decided to try again, and to do it properly this time. This is it! Third time lucky.

After two failed attempts, I finally have the inspiration I need to start blogging, and ironically, it has nothing to do with luck. I graduated with a BA in Journalism from Kingston University in May and have, apart from some freelance work, gathered a substantial amount of first-hand experience with the struggle of being unemployed. Due to my addiction to fashion, I can with certainty (but little regret) say that my savings are nonexistent at the time of writing (and have been for a while). I’m therefore not only ready for a job, I’m in desperate need of one; My wardrobe needs an update, it’s dept-payback time and my direct debits are being cancelled faster than I can say “unemployment is a bitch”.

This blog will be my diary and vent outlet. For now, I’ll focus mostly on my not-so-successful job hunting. However, I’m hopeful that the venting part won’t be needed when I’m no longer skint, impatient and frustrated. When I get that far, the blog will simply be a window into the life of an ambitious and fearless 23-year-old trying to make a career for herself.

I’d like to welcome you to my life. I hope that my ups and downs, thoughts and experiences, determination, madness and varying luck can be of use (read: entertainment).