My version of July

  • Against all odds, summer came to Norway. I even went for a dip.
  • I discovered my previously unknown mummy-skills in the South. Miss my pretend-nephew. And his fab mum. And her hubby. Maybe I should just move in with them.
  • I left my uninsured iPhone on the bus and only realised it half a bottle of white later.
  • Bought new phone. Maxed out credit card. Economy in shreds, once again.
  • In a moment of weakness, I considered breaking up with journalism forever. I also considered moving to Dubai. Oslo. New York. Kristiansand. 
  • A strange man offered me a job in exchange for a tango session. I figured it sounded slightly odd and declined. Nicely.
  • Went for a shop without noticing the ridiculous prices. I’ve been here for too long.
  • I read two books. Tried to get a tan. Edited my CV. Made a new friend. Spent days and nights in envy of everyone on holiday. Went to work.

In other words, massively exciting month.