Mood swings and half-heartedness

It’s Friday evening. Extremely uneventful. Lousy weather. My MAC is being slow. I’m neither tired, nor hungry, but still, I’m annoyed. The reason? My previous blog posts.

I wrote one in a near unconscious state after a night shift, and this post does now no longer exist. The other was banged together with my mascara in one hand, hair straightener tangled up in my hair, jeans hanging round my ankles, one shoe and no bra… pretty much. Being a stubborn and opinionated perfectionist with (what I’d like to call) high standards and a pet hate for everything that’s done half-heartedly, I considered getting rid of them both. However, I deleted one, kept another and edited this third one. Be kind and don’t focus too much on my blogger performance throughout March. I’ll be better, I’ve just been so busy! (…with being unemployed. Also getting dangerously close to Existential Crisis Vol.2. Stay tuned?)

Anyhow, click the photo below and spend a minute watching this piss-take of the “dumb fashionista”. It made me, if only for 2:50mins, appreciate being unemployed, instead of being like alter-ego Nicki. Things could be worse. Always remember that.