Mama knows best

I workshopped the shit out of yesterday. Cover letters were written, emails sent off, plans laid out and a good effort was put into setting my thoughts straight. However, being sat on my arse in Stavanger, trying to stay connected with the UK by shipping job applications across the North Sea is

If only I could take a little trip to the UK… You know, to bridge the gap and that. It started as wishful thinking about two weeks ago, when I saw the gap in my work schedule for this week. Then my motivation kicked in and I knew I needed a hands-on approach to my job hunt. So I presented my argument to The Boss…

Mum, what do you think?

You know those situations that turn into dilemmas because you’re stuck in between “should”, “want” and “need”? That’s when I need an executive go-ahead from mama Ramsberg. Just because she knows best. And what did mum do? She put me on the next plane. I’m leaving in the morning. In a bit, Norway!