London bound, Underslept and Overloaded

I just got in the door from work, my last night shift. No sleep. I have so much to do before I leave for the airport in an hour, but my lack of sleep has sent me into what seems to be a temporary paralysis. All I can focus on is my slightly overloaded suitcase. It won’t close. So I’m on my bed, staring it down, hoping it’ll take on Harry Potter powers and suddenly have room for my whole life, but weigh as little as my empty wallet. I do have a Plan B, which is to give the airport staff the old lecture about how I only weigh a few stones, which balances out my heavy suitcase. Can’t argue with that.

One short drive and two flights from now I’ll be back in Kingston, in our new home, with my Family #2; soulmate Ingrid and my Mister. Excited is an understatement.