Let me introduce you...

…to Ingrid.

My twisted sister, soul mate and partner in crime. My other half, most honest critic and a single-unit support system. We’ve come a long way since we first met 15 years ago in a ballet class (both equally misplaced), but somehow it feels like we’re still eight years old, stuck in the exact same place.

For example how our favourite thing to do is watch people walk by as we drink buckets of coffee. An activity that could be further improved if pointing and laughing had been socially acceptable behaviour. We are well mannered, after all.

Or how we spend 95 per cent of our time talking in bubble voice. Preferably combined with some odd accent that stems from the Norwegian woods.

Or how the we, the remaining five per cent, communicate using lines from Grey’s Anatomy.

Or for example how, since we started in France in 2005, we still tell people fake names when we feel like it, hoping we have no friends in common who could potentially blow our cover as Anna and Sara.

Or how I finish her food, while she finishes my drinks. As long as the food contains carbs and the drinks alcohol, mind.

Or for example how she recently gave me a card wishing me a “Merry Christmas from one drunken whore to another”.


Love you x