Friday - Saturday

After my night shift, and a journey home that felt a bit too much like a walk of shame, I went to bed and did not resurrect until 8pm. Since then, I’ve done nothing but eat, and I’m now watching a cheap remake of Psycho on my own. Probably one of the worst ideas I’ve had in a while. It’s 2am and I’m getting up in four hours. I can hereby declare that today has been one big failure.

Oh well. 

Two days ago, I decided I’d had enough of home for a while, packed a bag, and moved in with my brother for the week. Breakdown averted. Builders, tools, parents and the makeshift kitchen have been replaced by my brother’s subtle company and a king-size bed. I’ve unsubscribed to a million useless email newsletters, applied to several jobs, driven my brother’s BMW around the place and washed four loads of dirty clothes. I’m content. I’ve also had plenty of time to contemplate on what I’m going to do when I grow up. I’ve decided I need a back-up plan…