Feed me

I believe I have a fan. I think I can call her that. Not only have I spotted her in my visitor stats, but she’s happily admitted to be checking in everyday in the hope of a fresh post. Telling me I deserve my very own column, she shot straight into the list of my five favourite people ever. Cheers, M.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback after I started blogging. There are obviously those who are almost genetically forced to support what I do, hi mum and the lot, but I’ve also received critique for my content, which helps me figure out what people like to read. For instance, I’ve been told that mlist of dislikes hit the spot for pretty much everybody. Knowing this, a follow-up post might appear in the near future. (I certainly have plenty of inspiration for it, as I’m telling you, the list of my pet hates goes on).
Feedback is important. Whether it encourages or critiques, it’s necessary for improvement. And who doesn’t wish to improve?
Here’s my point: I want to know what you think. There are little comment fields below here, where your thoughts and opinions would fit in perfectly..