Define a good day. Here's my go

I just went to the shop to get sweeteners for my hot-lemon-water. At the tills, Mr Stressed Guy On The Phone in front of me left before he’d packed all his groceries, resulting in a free bag of peanuts for Nadine. Now got hot-lemon-water and nibbles. What a result! (I did look for the man outside but he’d rushed off already. Finders, keepers.)

Earlier, a broken parking meter in town let me leave the car for free for three hours. (I did snap a picture of it just in case some wannabe-policeman would have tried to fine me.)

At work, I managed to get three extra shifts through a little bit of nagging. We know this equals money in the bank..

And lastly; like the past 10 days, today was also lovely, frosty, quiet and bright. That’s the good thing about being up at 6.30 for work. I catch the sunrise.

(Expect complaints from this end tomorrow as I’ve probably just jinxed everything and will now end up a stingy, peanut-stealing job seeker for all eternity.)