City girl

I’m back home. It’s OK and not OK at the same time. Everything is nice and comfy at home. A bulging fridge, dinner on the table, money being made, and the heaters aren’t being switched off due to horrific financial situations (touch wood). On the other side, I get the feeling that I’m missing out on all the fun. Rewind a few hours, and I would be on a bar stool somewhere, surrounded by the gorgeous British accent, while sipping to something juicy and laughing hysterically with Wifey. I suddenly feel extremely far away from civilisation (the city girl said, looking up from her Marc Jacobs covered iPhone). Pretentious, yes?

I’m becoming dangerously good at the whole Champagne-lifestyle-on-lemonade-budget thing. Time goes way too fast when you have a life. I’ve been so busy, and had such a great time, that 18 days have swooshed by in what feels like a long weekend. The very low level of activity on my blog also reflects this quite nicely. If you haven’t noticed my absence, it’s probably seeing as you already have a life. However, if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I…

  • spent eight days working as a fashion PR intern at Kristian Aadnevik's studio in Chelsea,
  • happily spent approximately 16 hours amongst the millions of angry, tired and stressed commuters using London’s public traffic during peak times,
  • sent 124 emails (I counted),
  • discovered the joy of true British culture; the after-work drink,
  • generally had a lot of drinks,
  • had very few dinners,
  • ate a whole lemon cake with Wifey in one night.
  • also received an apology-for-the-loud-banging-this-morning wine bottle from the neighbours who we thought hates us as much as we think they’re wierdos. We did consider the possibility of it being poisoned. But then we drank it.
  • was asked to do a photo shoot for Vogue. The guy was a total bullshitter, of course. In the end he admitted to being a wedding-photographer-nobody.
  • went to the hairdresser twice. Only because a fucking moron was messing about with my hair the first time, and an actual competent hairdresser had to redo it a few days later.
  • had two unnecessary fights with two ex-boyfriends.
  • purchased two ridiculously expensive tickets to see Beyoncé at the O2 arena in May.
  • went to the cinema for the first time in a year, and realised that in the UK, Django Unchained can be enjoyed with a G&T in hand.
  • put our little flat back on the market. It’s time to make some changes.