A Wednesday

In speakers: Losing You by Solange. I wasn’t sure about this song at first, but it’s grown on me. Undeniable tune! Breezy mix between R&B and 1980s electronic pop music.

In belly: Not a carbohydrate in sight! On the contrary, I feel like a balloon of hot water with lemon. 

In mind:  Only just realised it’s Wednesday ten minutes ago, so for now I’m focusing on writing my weekly ‘A Wednesday’ post. Read my previous two here and here. Also subconsciously contemplating whether or not to power walk in the morning.

On face: Touche Éclat concealer by YSL and Instant Light Lip Perfector by Clarins. Favourites and life saviours. 

On Skype: Cyber-hanging-out with Wifey aka Ingrid.

On Google Analytics: I honestly thought I was doing better than this.. Spread the word!