September 2014/Resurrection

I don't believe in excuses. That's why I won't be giving any for having let my blog wither and die for a while. So now that I've got that introductory explanation bit out of the way (short and sweet, yes?), I can cut to the chase and bring my massive hoard of readers up to date.

I finally got a job.

We all remember the past two years, right? Rants and frustration, blog posts describing one existential crisis after the other, periods of sudden urges for self improvement, and the three million job applications that I, full of hope, sent off to dismissive employers. Well, I got there in the end, and ironically, it didn't even involve a job application. Long story short; I went to a networking event despite not wanting to, and randomly chatted with a guy who turned out to be the CEO of the creative agency where I'm now working as a Content Developer. Ah, I feel lucky when I put it like that.

No more bouncing from job to job, no more night shifts or old people, no more kids, no more offshore workers. AH, the relief. I would say it's been fun and that it's all been a great experience but seriously, yawn, who cares. I'm finally where I'm meant to be.