Seven things that crossed my mind this week

  • I never wear two different socks. They come in pairs. They should be worn in pairs. What is the deal with mixing it up!? Honestly, people have no shame. I remember I tried it once. Just to see what it was like. Was so disturbed that I had to go home and change.
  • Speaking of socks. Imagine the sock drawer of a conservative-as-fuck, middle-aged, nazi German during the war. That's what my sock drawer looks like. I only realised this week and it's a little bit sick.
  • Now, these videos of people taking dips in the sea need to stop. We've all seen it now. It stopped being impressive about 150 videos ago.
  • Norway is a bit anal when it comes to alcohol, we all know that, but we really ought to take a cue from the UK when it comes to cinema culture. Surely, we all agree that a drink at the cinema is a great concept and far from being particularly wild. Luckily, there is a fairly simple solution to this. All you need is half a bottle of red in a take-away coffee cup.
Photo 03-05-2014 20 43 25.jpg
  • I have a problem with yoghurt. It doesn't need chewing, it's semi-liquid, but it's still classified as food rather than drink. That whole idea is a bit off.
  • Everyone needs an Iranian friend. Even if not for anything other than the food. 
  • It seems I'm surrounding myself with more yes-people. You know the kind; happy, patient, says yes to pretty much anything..? It's contagious and I like it.