Not so serious

This was initially going to be a post about how I'm turning out to be a crap blogger seeing as I spend so much time working. Boring, huh? Nobody really wants to read details about my heavy workload and overtime hours. So I've got a new angle for you: the not-so serious side of my job. 

My sources tell me that there are several photos of me hung up downstairs in the workshop. Not sure where the guys got hold of a photo of me, but that's ok. Charming, funny and slighty sexist - perfectly fine with me.

I also have a new hero. His name is Tom and he sits in the office next to mine. Tom wears grandad trousers, has a proper beard and a quirky attitude, which is why I was super surprised to find out that he stops fires in his spare time. Yep. An actual fireman. Then he tells me of his ex-military, mine-sweeper past in Bosnia and the Middle-East and I nearly choked on my waffle realising how prejudice I am. Tom is hardcore. 

Gokarting, however, is not one of his strong suits. Tom, you drive like a girl. During our teambuilding race, I managed to beat half the men in my department. Go ahead, be impressed. 

So yeah, work is great. Lots of banter. I'm now halfway through my stint as personnel coordinator, and got two months to figure out what to do after my contract ends. I should probably start considering a way of getting the career that I really want. But for now, I'm perfectly content with my insane workload, two million phone calls a day and my collection of semi-sexist, quirky and absolutely lovely colleages.


Dreamteam #1