New job

Hello, my name is Nadine Ramsberg and I'm a personell coordinator within the oil and gas industry. Heeeey, fancy!

So I got a job! It might not be THE job, but it's definitely a move in the right direction. It was only last week that I heard of the role and had a quick interview before they asked me to start on Monday. That means I've already spent four days in the office. New colleagues and potential friends, my own desk and the best thing: a challenge. There is a ridiculous amount to learn and it's difficult. I spent 11 hours in the office on Tuesday and I loved it. 

The company is called ScanTech and it manufactures and provides all sorts of strange machinery to the oil and gas sector. What I need to do is find the right men with the right qualifications and send them to the right oil rig at the right time. Sounds fairly easy but it's not. 

But I do feel very important in front of my two screens. Oh and the phone has my name on it. Yep.