I'm in a bit of an odd situation here. Firstly, I finally got in a proper session at the gym. I'm so knackered, my hands are shaking a bit, making it hard to type. However, with the gym being located in a shopping centre, I couldn't help myself from spending some of the money that I don't have. And while I was busy being silly, it seems my bus got sort of lost... For some strange reason, there's a 45 minute wait for the next one. Errrrrrrr. 

So I'm on the bus stop. Alone on a wooden bench. In my gym clothes. Cars are constantly driving by. And as I started hoping that someone I know would come by, spot me and take me home already, I realised something. This really isn't the sucky situation I first thought it was. The sun is out, I've got great tunes playing and I'm happily ignoring my work phone vibrating in my handbag. (Don't worry, new job, promise to deal with it later). Finally some peace and quiet! Alone time. Very much needed. 

Ah, the bus is here.