Seven things that crossed my mind this week

  • I don't know how to call in sick for work. After having lived off pain killers, nose spray and vitamin-C cocktails for a week, I finally had to admit defeat on Wednesday. The just four-hour workday ahead seemed like an impossible task, so I knew I had to make the call. That's when I realised I hadn't done it before. Had to ask mum for help. Awkward.
  • 24 is young. I obviously knew this, just didn't feel that way until I realised I'm the youngest person in the office. Makes the new job even better. 
  • The importance of good shoes is underestimated. Some people seem to believe that moving around on this earth wearing a pair of worn out, unpolished and ill-fitting shoes is acceptable. I believe it means that your morals are worn out, unpolished and ill-fitting. Honestly. On Friday night I ended a conversation with a very decent-looking guy because his shoes were shit.
  • Living in Norway, and Stavanger even, really isn't so bad. Day by day, I'm not only coming to terms with the fact that this is my home, but I'm pretty comfortable with it (for the time being). Spring is here, everyone's drinking beer and I'm happy. Now all I need is my own house and a car.
  • If I get ONE more Snapchat video of barbecue parties, ski trips or other types of easter festivities, I'll flush my phone down the toilet. I'm working. Stop being mean. 
  • People who don't know how to have a productive argument need to go learn this very important skill asap. Here's a quick 101: Don't raise your voice, stick to the point and if you can't win, agree to disagree.
  • It is actually possible to have too much chocolate. Happy easter!