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Hi? Don't know why I put that.

I just realised it's been 18 months since my first blog post. A year and a half since I decided to make a window into my life. Back then, it felt like writing a diary. Suddenly, a tiny piece of cyberspace had been dedicated to hold my thoughts, experiences and rants. Although I made my scribbles available for others to read, it still felt private. 18 months later, my blog still feels like my own little private Eden of sarcasm and cynicism.

Still, I'm very awkward about this whole concept. I find it difficult to be creative with my content, I never get used to talking about "my blog" and I clearly struggle with the greeting part. Up until this point, it hadn't even crossed my mind. I mean, seriously, does anyone see a need for a "Hello" on the top of every post? If so, visit

Seeing as it's my 18-month anniversary, I'd like to take a moment to brag. I think I've done pretty well. Despite periods of self-doubt, frustration and demotivation, intervals of one post per month and quite a few nonsense posts, I think I've done alright. My rants, sporadic frustration and adventures have clearly been of some entertainment to people, and even led to job interviews and freelance gigs. Definitely going to keep the momentum going. Sharing is caring. And caring is love.