I am (not) a morning person

I can sleep until 6.15 PM. I have done it. If my alarm clock isn't set (sometimes even if it is), I can easily let the world revolve on its own outside while I'm snuggled up in bed, like a wannabe Sleeping Beauty.

I've been working on this and I'm getting better. Just like I, for the first time in my life, have become disciplined when it comes to my diet and exercising, and at the same time I'm keeping up the motivation for job hunting (Hello, resolutions!) I'm trying to also become a morning person. It just all ties together very nicely. I've become one of the sensible people I used to hate (read: envy). 

Today, for instance, I'm off work. Not to enjoy the weather, bum around and drink iced lattes, but to get up early, go to the gym, and smash out some job applications. Applause, please. So here I am, at 1 PM, as productive as ever. (Writing this blog post is obviously on my to-do list).

Still, I'm the same person in the morning that I always have been. My alarm clock shocks me out of my sleep and I punch my phone in the hope that it'll stop with the nagging. At the same time I try to remember. Why is my phone making that noise? What day it is? Who am I? I defy my instinct to stay under the cover, stumble out of bed and crawl into the painfully bright bathroom. There's no escaping the swollen-faced girl with hair like a well-used mop and the posture of a 75-year-old who's looking at me in the mirror. Baaaahhh. Then, the obligatory five-minute vertical power nap, and it all comes back to me. My name is Nadine. I have a life to live. A job to hunt down. Shit to do. Let's go.