Pattern breaking

I woke up when my alarm went off at 10.30 (yes, I need an alarm to get me up at 10.30), slightly dehydrated after a bummer of a Saturday night out. Downed my fizzy water, burped like an old sailor, and snuggled back in under the cover for my social media fix. Started feeling restless, considered going to the gym, but decided against it. Started feeling productive, looked for job vacancies, but got distracted by a sudden urge to research Master degree courses. Then, the indefinable Sunday feeling kicked in. It's the same story every Sunday. A mixture of restlessness, motivation and hopelessness, triggered by the wish to succeed, the impatience from the wait and that annoying feeling of failure.

It's clear I need to break this pattern. I don't want to be the person who overeats instead of exercises, who writes a nonsense blog post instead of applying for jobs, and who lets self-doubt overshadow willpower. I want to get somewhere, be someone, do something. I want to be a journalist. An editor. A communications consultant. A leader. An achiever.

What to do? Pop some great tunes on, open these websites, let the inspiration sink in and crack on.