A Better Me - Day 4, 5 & 6/Talking to angels

In the blink of an eye, three days have gone by. I've broken my promise of daily updates due to an overloaded calendar, and I'm now sitting down for the first time, struggling not to fall asleep on my keyboard. Tomorrow will be the end of week one as an improved version of myself, and seeing as I won't miraculously transform in one day, I'm going to summarise the week right now. I cannot be arsed with writing about this boring self-improvement stuff one more time.

I didn't expect much to happen in a week. I pretty much just wanted to spend seven days forcing myself to establish better habits in terms of work, exercise, money and so on. I'm guessing I'll need another while for it all to actually turn into routine. Anyhow, by constantly imagining a better version of myself besides me, pushing me to do better, I've checked my bank balance daily in order to keep track and save money, I've allowed myself no more than an hour of TV series each day, and that way, I've actually managed to complete all of the tasks on each day's to-do list. Had I not become sick, I know I would've also gone for runs, but that will have to happen later...

I think the most important thing I've done has been listening to that audiobook that I've mentioned earlier. It advised me to write down all my goals, my strategy for reaching them, and deadlines for each one. I did it, put it on the wall, and I force myself to read it everyday. It helps me stay focused. And like my waxing lady says, if it doesn't work out, I can always ask the angels for help.