A Better Me - Day 2 & 3/Fail

Clearly, stating that "tomorrow's another day" jinxed my whole life, as yesterday, my body decided to get sick. My "Better Me" plan had to be put on hold for the day, and instead, I slept for 14 hours. I still feel like crap.

I got through today's shift semi-high on pain killers. Sweaty, dizzy and confused, but I did it. And although I've been unable to work out, I've listened to my audio book (LOL) and completed three days worth of "homework", tasks I need to do as part of this job-seeker course I signed up for, all in one day. I'll go ahead and call that focused, proactive and motivated.

Anyways, boring stuff. So here's one for The Dislikes List: Sick people. I don't like sick people. I don't do sick. And now, suddenly, I am one of them. Honestly don't understand what's happened. I refuse to take time off work, I refuse for it to screw up the weekend, and I DEMAND that whatever germs have hijacked my body, leave RIGHT NOW.