A Better Me

I'm up early. Blogging. Before work. HAHA. I haven't actually lost it. Good reason coming up...

Yesterday, I had a look at my posts from a year ago. Remember "Somebody hit play"? Proper deep, proper depressing, thought provoking. As (I hate to admit it), not much has changed since then, I'm still asking myself the same reflective questions, and still pulling my hair in frustration. However, I believe that I've found a way to avoid it from once again reaching the state of existential crisis.

I came across this article on how to become a better version of yourself by just trying a little harder and pushing a little more. I know we've heard it before, but still, read the article. The way it was phrased made me realise that, throughout last year, my demotivation drove me into some sort of apathetic/paralysed/lazy state that I never managed to snap out of. But now is snap time.

In a bid to keep my goals for the year, in the hope that it'll lead me closer to The J Word, in the belief that I can actually do it, and with a promise of daily updates for the first week, I'm hereby vowing to kick-start 2014 by spending 30 days forcing myself to become A Better Me.

So that should explain why I'm up super early and getting stuff done. Feels good. But let's be clear. We all know that new year's resolutions are rubbish. This has got nothing to do with resolutions. It's all about me having been a lazy little girl who needs to discipline herself.

My only real resolution is to be found below.