Motherly instincts

So the road towards The J Word has led me to yet another adventure. I was so distracted by that whole self-improvement thing (yawn), that I've forgotten to share. To keep busy/make money/drive myself mad, I now spend my days with a dozen kids in a nursery, none of which are older than three. Who'd have thought. 

When I was younger I once asked someone if they thought I'd be a good mum. I never got a reply. However, I'm actually capable of getting a bunch of really tiny children through their day. Pretty cool if you think about it. I've picked cheese out of a boy's eyebrows, wiped a serious amount of snot off of little faces, cutlery and furniture, I've dried enough tears to fill a bathtub, and I've wanted to pull my hair out approximately seven times every week. I'm also taking my imagination to new heights. I've made a boat out of a large blanket to drag them around on, and I'm becoming so good at pretending to be a lion that I almost scare the kids to tears (yes, that's funny).

Yesterday, I actually pulled a self-composed tale of The Little Ghost Who Didn't Want To Scare Anyone Only Tickle Toes out of my arse. Anything to make this kid fall asleep. It didn't work, but still, there must be some proof of motherly instincts here? They're so seriously annoying, but so, so cute. On the Friday after my first week, as I shut the gate behind me, I heard one of the boys shout "BYE ALDIN!" I caught myself instantly missing all of them, just because I wouldn't see them for another two days. Nice, right? Really wish I could post photos, but that would be illegal.

Instead, here's a side note... My mate in London just informed me that she recently purchased 136 toilet rolls for £35, and had them delivered to her door. Take away toilet paper! The entire world deserves to know of this opportunity. Mostly because it's fucking hilarious.