Not A Review

One minute ago, I pulled my hair, closed my Mac and went off to jump off the balcony. Changed my mind last minute and reluctantly turned back around to sit down and finish what I started. I wanted to write a review of the past year, with it being New Year's Eve and all, but all I managed to type was "My version of 2013 sucked". No wonder I lost my motivation. Okay.

I realise that there have been some great moments throughout the year. I've made new friends, kept in touch with old ones, seen great concerts, been on trips I'll never forget and finally got back into a routine of working out. And as far as accomplishments go, it seems I've managed to create a blog that (MAJOR JINX MOMENT) people seem to like. Quite pleased with that. That means I've kept two out of three of last year's resolutions!

I don't want to reminisce too much as I'll remember my third resolution. I'll remind myself that, despite happy moments, every one of the past 365 days has also been marked by my very unsuccessful job hunt. Gaaahhh. Instead, I'm going to look forwards.

Thanks for a less-than-average year. Here's to a much better new one!