Sometimes I bump into people who surprise me in a good way. Without anything to gain from it, they do or say something so lovely that I just know I won't forget it. It's important to appreciate these things as, let's face it, they don't exactly make up the majority of people out there. So in the spirit of Christmas, Love Actually and all other soppy things, here's a little bit of gratitude from me to you.

Thanks to the gentleman who got off his bar stool so I could sit down.

To the guy behind the check-in desk who ignored the overweight suitcase, and instead asked if the shopping trip had been successful.

To the annoyingly cheerful girl who worked the Saturday shift at the busiest café in town, who easily blocked out the noise of screaming kids, demanding mothers and stressed colleagues, and instead wished every customer a good weekend.

To the old lady who was ecstatic over me not getting that job so that I can still come help her out in the nursing home.

To the guy who didn't want to, but still left his mates in town to make sure the girl got home safely after she'd had one drink too many.

To the asshole who grew some balls and said "I'm sorry".

To the teacher who spend time beyond her regular hours to help students work through their challenges, and to remind each one that she's proud of them.

To the taxi driver who held the umbrella over the old woman's newly done hair, so that she could get into the car without it being messed up by the wind.

To the police officer who wished my mate luck on her exams, and let her drive on instead of giving her that massive fine.

To the little boy at the nursery who finally stopped crying and called me a princess.

To the man who looked after my friend's phone when she'd left it on the dance floor.

And to the friend who, despite being sleep deprived, overworked, chronically busy and equally skint, always and no matter what, will drop whatever is in her hands to help others.

To all of those who know when to shut up.

Cheers and happy Christmas.