Quick update

I didn't get the job. I knew it when I hadn't heard anything after a week, and I finally got the email last night. Uuuuggghhhhhhh. Back to square one. However, Chris keeps telling me that I'm not back at square one. (Don't ask about Chris, you don't want to know). He served me clichés like "There's always tomorrow" and "Expect problems and eat them for breakfast". Haha. But he's just trying to motivate me and to be fair, it helps. I'm trying to focus on the statistics of it all. The guy who interviewed me told me that they had received 162 applications, and that I was one out of eight interviewees. Pretty decent, really. And the best part? Apparently my blog was one of the main reasons why I was there at all. I couldn't contain my excitement and obviously forgot all about the supposedly formal and professional situation I was in. "NO WAYYYYYYY!?!?!?" Ah, the pride.

So at least I've realised that I can stop whispering whenever I'm talking about my blog. Must admit, I've been slightly embarrassed about writing a blog as it makes me feel like a 14-year-old girl posing her daily outfits. But in fact, this little piece of work just nearly got me a job. Positive thinking!