Throwback Thursday

Horrifically bad performance at quiz night, sweaty and ecstatic watching Beyonc√©' live at the O2, 16-hour drink marathon celebrating Norway Day in London, Kaizers Orchestra live in Camden, Halloween twins, antics with my sister from another mister, the J√§germeister crew in the snow, and birthday celebrations in dresses straight outta Bangkok.

Talk about a contrast to my current life, in which I've developed an addiction to running, started knitting a jumper and the weekends pass by without as much as a cheeky sip of anything stronger than coffee. I'm experiencing first hand what it feels like having a normal day pattern, and although it's great and healthy and everything, I'm feeling nostalgic. I miss having dinner at midnight, crawling into Wifey's bed in the morning to bitch about the world, the daily take-away americano, spying on odd neighbours, eating out for lunch, watching TV series through the night, having Buzzfeed sessions for breakfast, live music, Tequila parties, Bollywood dance-offs, Celine Dion sing-alongs, you name it. Sounds fun, right?